Book Updates – Abandoned Nebraska: Echoes of Our Past

The feature photo was taken at an abandoned property outside of Mead. A farmer still mows the grass, and works the fields behind her, so I am sure she is still cared for to some degree. The house is extremely unstable. Nature is definitely reclaiming her.

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The photograph from the cover of my book was taken at a decaying farm where the house is nothing more than a foundation of what she once was. Two splintered barns, a corn crib, some farm equipment, and this beautiful car remain on the property. This was taken just before sunset, so the light was perfect.

The book will soon be available at select Costco and Sam’s Club locations in Nebraska, listed below:

Sam’s Club 131st and L Street Omaha, NE

Sam’s Club 1510 N Diers Ave Grand Island, NE

Sam’s Club 8480 Andermatt Dr Lincoln, NE

Sam’s Club 9851 S 71st Plaza, Papillion NE

Sam’s Club 4900 N27th St Lincoln, NE

Costco 1620 Pine Road Lincoln, NE

Costco 12300 West Dodge RD, Omaha, NE

Costco 8250 S 125th Street La Vista, NE

 It’s available in select bookstores, so check before stopping. The Crossroads Barnes and Noble in Omaha currently has the book in stock, as well as the Pine Lake location in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Cover 2.jpg

The above photo was taken at the JFK campus in Wahoo, NE.

Summary of the book:

I remember when … the three words surface as a splintered, sun-bleached farmhouse looms on the horizon. I remember when the light poured from the vacant windows, and a tractor rumbled through the fields. I remember when the house was full of life. These are the words uttered by the souls who once lived and worked in abandoned communities and homesteads, places that once pulsed with laughter. Though the people have moved on, the remnants of their lives remain, left for us to wonder what once was.

Then photo below was taken at the Norfolk Regional Center upon my first visit, when most of the windows were still visible before they were all boarded up.

Photo 19.jpg

The Nebraska countryside is rich with history, from the dilapidated houses near the Fort Robinson area where Crazy Horse was killed, to the near deserted village, Monowi–population of one. Abandoned Nebraska: Echoes of Our Past is a photographic adventure through the hauntingly beautiful neglected places of Nebraska, including schools, asylums, colleges, factories, churches, countless farmhouses, and even entire towns. Trish Eklund’s personal experiences with the places, and stories of those associated with them, accompany the author’s enchanting images.

The photo below was taken outside of Fairbury somewhere. This Whippet was only one of the old cars on the property. There is also an old Chevy resting among the grass, its parts slowly rusting.

Photo 69.jpg

My first book signing at the beginning of December, at Barnes and Noble in Lincoln was so much fun! I really enjoyed meeting book-lovers, talking about my book, how much I love photography, and abandoned houses.



I am really looking forward to the next event!



My first interview with a very nice reporter is not only on the Kearney Hub online: click here, but it is also in the paper, click here.


I just had my first giveaway on Facebook, and announced another book up for grabs. I appreciate everyone who reads my words, and views my photography. I am ever so grateful! You are all the best! Thank you so much!

Trish Eklund is the owner and creator of Abandoned, Forgotten, & Decayed, and Family Fusion Community, an online resource for blended families of all types. Abandoned Nebraska: Echoes of Our Past, Trish’s first book, is now available for pre-order. Trish’s photography has been featured on Only in Nebraska, Snapshot Nebraska, Visit Nebraska, Abando Globe, ListVerse, Grime Scene Investigators, Nature Takes Over, Raw Abandoned, and Pocket Abandoned.  Trish has an essay in in the anthology, Hey, Who’s In My House? Stepkids Speak Out by Erin Mantz Her writing has been featured on The MightyHuffington Post Divorce,  Making Midlife Matter, The Five Moms, and Her View From Home. She has written four young adult novels and is currently working on her first adult novel.

Photo of Trish by Don Shepard of Don Shepard Photography: Link.C75U8340_pp

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