Abandoned Farmhouse Outside of Nebraska City – Part I


I saw this location for the first time on the way to a funeral in Nebraska City, NE. I asked the people I was riding with if we could please stop on the way back to I could snap some pictures. We noticed a billboard nearby marking the location, so I could easily spot the turn-off.

Farmhouse Yellow Stairs1 pic monkey

We did not have too long that first rainy day, and my children were with me. I do not like to take my kids with me to take photos of abandoned houses, due to the trespassing risks. With all of the foundation hazards it’s also unsafe for them to walk around, but that day they were with me.

FH back Window4


This particular house is down the road from another abandoned house! I was so exited! One of my friends was nervous about the other house, because it was so close to an occupied house, he was afraid the owners would get upset.

Farmhouse window front close

That particular day, with my friends and family, I did not feel anything ominous about this house, but I think it was because I was with other people. The second time I visited was completely different.


The house is at the end of a dirt road, with a shed, and a large barn that appears to be in fair shape. The fields surrounding the house look like they might actually be part of a working farm. The sunnier photographs are actually from my second trip, and the cloudy pictures are from the first. They will be shared between the two posts.


Farmehouse3 pic monkeyThe front door hangs open, like a gaping mouth, expressionless and lonely. The window shudders clap against the splintered wood, waiting for the family who once inhabited the empty rooms to return.

Neb City House1 3

I love the pictures of this old place. The characters parade straight from my head, into the front door, disappearing into the shadows of the crumbling walls and creaky floors.


Check out Part II for the rest of the story and more pictures!

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  1. It’s right off of 75 between Omaha and Nebraska City. There is a billboard that has Jesus on one side of it and something else on the other. It’s on the opposite side of the road of the house. If you see that, you passed it. The house will be on the right down a dirt drive surrounded by a few trees and a corn field. The farmer who owns it still works the corn field, so be careful. One of the last times I was there, they had dug trenches so no one could get down the drive. If I wouldn’t have seen them in time, I would have messed up my truck. I just parked and walked. The house is also falling apart. It’s really cool though, great decay!!

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