Abandoned House in Field

House on field2

The house was right off the highway, North east of Scribner, on the right side of the road. In a line with other abandoned buildings, was obscured by a tangle of trees, and thigh-high drifts of snow.

House on field1.jpg PS

I had to wade through waste-deep snow drifts to get to a spot where I could poke my head through the knotted branches enough to see the buildings, but it was worth it.

House on field3

More than one structure stands in the middle of this Nebraska farmland area, camouflaged by the skeletal trees.

House on field4

I could not tell if the property had been abandoned long. The windows appeared to still be in tact.

House on field8

With the snow and biting wind, I was unable to get too close. I would have loved to have shot a few more of the main house.

House on field5

The bare trees this time of year are simply breathtaking.

House on field10

I shot these photos mid-morning. The light was perfect.

House on field11

There is also a barbed-wire fence around the property, so I suggest if you go check it out, be careful! There was an opening in the fence, but I do not ever condone breaking the law. I did not enter the premise.

House on field16.jpg PS

Trish Eklund is the owner and creator of Abandoned, Forgotten & Decayed. She is also the owner and founder of Family Fusion Community, an online community and resource for divorced and remarried parents, step-parents, same-sex parents, adopting parents, and all other non-traditional parents. Trish has been featured on www.playground-magazine.comwww.bigblendedfamily.com, and Her View From Home.  Follow her on Twitter: @trishiewriter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, and, LinkedIn.

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