Abandoned Factories in Omaha

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I love taking pictures of old farmhouses and forgotten barns out in the middle of the Nebraska plains, but there is something amazing about rotting buildings standing next to sparkling new museums and shops, their jagged broken windows jutting out like crooked smiles.

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Factory3 PSI could find little information about these buildings, so this post will mainly be visual. Each place had its own tattered beauty. From the contrast of red roses against graffiti and splintered boards, to busted windows and a passing train – they were all magnificent in their own right.

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“Factory windows are always broken
Other windows are let alone.
No one throws through the chapel-window
The bitter, snarling, derisive stone.” -Vachel Lindsay

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Factory1 6.jpg PSAs I peered through the lens, days of clanging metal, whistling employees, and boots shuffling across floors coated in sawdust hung in the shadows.

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Factory3 21


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Factory2 5

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 Factory2 PS

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Trish at Beetison by Cami

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  1. Dillon

    Would it be illegal to go inside that building? because i live 10mins away from it, and I love abandoned places, and if so, what do you think the chances of getting in serious trouble are?

  2. Which building, Dillon? Find out who owns it, and maybe I can try to schedule an appointment to do a photo shoot there. It’s easier since I’m a writer as well, I can tell them I’m interested in doing a pieced about it. Wouldn’t hurt to ask, and you could come help?

  3. Branden Davis

    I’d love to know the location and more place around omaha so I can visit and explore some. I have alot of experience in exploring dead abandoned places.

  4. Sharon Pickrell

    Have heard that abandoned houses, barns and factory buildings are not demolished because they can be deprecated on the owners income taxes. Do not know if this true or not.

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