Two Guns, Arizona – The Videos


The first video is of the area with the old mountain lion enclosures, etc, and where the Apache cave is. I will write more about that and share pictures, but wanted to go ahead and post the videos. There is very dark history behind this place between the Apache and the Navajo, and then the man who built the town on top of the cave, desecrating their graves.

The second video is of the abandoned campground and pool area, which is just down from the other area. The “blanket people” turned out to be college kids making a movie. 🤣

This video is the best graffiti evvvvaaa!!! 😂

And the last video is the Twin Arrows Trading Post just down from Two Guns. It was on reservation land, so I did not set foot on the property. 

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Photo of Trish by Don Shepard of Don Shepard Photography: Link.




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